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SVM Systems BI Solutions

Information that gives you a margin in the competition that is the right one at the right time.​The three Cs of Context, Contingencies and Convergence are the pillar of business intelligence. At the end, a good BI application is an effective decision-support system that enables an analysis of a wide range of relevant options and leveraging collections of correct and comprehensive information from deep within.

SVM Systems Business Intelligence (BI) solutions comprises the set of consulting, applications development, data aggregation, BI solution architecture development, which are used by enterprises to support the data collection, data analysis, presentation and dissemination of business information to enhance critical business areas where decisions must be based on hard facts, not assumptions.

Our Business Intelligence Solution development competencies:

Data Aggregation, Integration & ETL: Mapping out and integrating data sources that are most appropriate for your BI solution. Building up a warehouse and getting your data ready for integration – all clean, consistent and digestible. We Integrate most key business platforms through API’s to aggregate information or write back data into them. i.e. Oracle, IBM DB2, SAP, Microsoft SQL Server, Hadoop, PostgreSQL, Mongo DB, MySql & many others.

Interactive Reporting & Dashboards: Delivering customizable, interactive reporting dashboards can visualise data from Data warehouse, third party enterprise systems, i.e. SAP, SAP Hana, Microsoft Dynamics, ERPs, HubSport, Marketo, SalesForce, Tally, Sage, Siebel, CRMs, And also integrate & visualise data from sensors, hardware, machines & cameras or act on them through business rules & meta tags to create a digitised content repository.

Data Visualisation & Analysis: Translating all the behind-the-scenes analytical work into neatly organized, precise information that can be easily sorted by the required criteria. Most BI Solutions are supported with dashboards & scalable back-ends that are able to withstand with large number of data linkages and analysis. Different types of Analytics can be run inside of BI presentation & analysis layer as one off or if needed as a permanent Dashboard. Analytics in BI dashboard can be interlinked with Actions based on Business Rules. Analytics are set up & run by our Analytics team but can be made self-adjusting with machine learning over a period of time.

Our Scope of Business Intelligence solutions delivery comprises:

  • Kick-off consulting & project roadmapping

  • Solution development

  • Integration with enterprise systems

  • Quality assurance & testing

  • Maintenance & support SLA

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