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C.E.R.T.A.I.N Enterprise Decision Support & Automation Solution

Enabling enterprises make meaningful interpretations from data to increase sales and improve profitability.

Enterprises are flooded with data that they collect at high cost or they cannot access critical data when needed due to fragmented systems.

“Senior managers typically spend more than 50 hours a month to find relevant information” ​ Management decision-making, hence remains highly complex due to data overload, lack of actionable insight & inability to track actions.

C.E.R.T.A.I.N stands for Customer & Enterprise expeRience Tracking And INtelligence

C.E.R.T.A.I.N enables enterprises to generate actionable insights from their consumer & enterprise data to impact sales & profitability. This is achieved with automation, analytics & machine learning. Solutions are customized leveraging years of deployment experience with enterprises across the globe to simplify decision making.

C.E.R.T.A.I.N consolidates data, analyses it, & then visualizes actionable insights. ​​We call this OneView ​Business Rules can be setup to trigger actions from insights automatically.

We assist you to map, track & measure, your customer’s experience as they engage with your enterprise across touchpoints - pre, during and post sales. We call this the CUSTOMER JOURNEY Tracking the customer journey identifies gaps & opportunities to impact sales & profitability.

We then map, automate & track what actions your enterprise stakeholders must implement to achieve the best customer experience. We call this the ENTERPRISE JOURNEY Tracking the enterprise journey actions identifies gaps & opportunities to enhance the customer experience.

C.E.R.T.A.I.N enables Customer & Enterprise Journeys to be mapped, customised & tracked using Business Rules.

Data from Journeys is used by Analytics & Machine Learning with Business Rules to trigger Actions.

​Actions can be triggered within the Journey, in databases or sensors / machines connected to C.E.R.T.A.I.N.

Unfortunately, very few enterprises do active management of the Customer & Enterprise journey experience. ​Neither do they have dedicated resources or systems to track or manage the Customer Journey experience. This leads to poor customer satisfaction and inefficiencies thus resulting in lost sales or adverse impact on profit.

The Customer & Enterprise Journey should be actively mapped, tracked, analysed & acted upon to drive customer satisfaction & cost effectiveness. Satisfied customers with cost effective operations generate better ROI, sales & profitability.

Benefits of C.E.R.T.A.I.N

  • Fast Deployment

  • Links to other legacy databases / sensors / machines

  • End to end visibility

  • Automate response with Rules, Guides & Machine Learning

  • Cost Effectiveness Improved by 15-20%

  • Informed Decision Making

  • Accountability by Tracking & Follow up in Customer & Enterprise Journeys

  • Knowledge Responsitory & Learning

  • Ease of Use & Cost Saving

  • Optimisation of resources

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