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How enterprises can benefit from Artificial Intelligence powered Virtual Assistant?

Imagine the logistics behind a major airline like British Airways. They’re interacting with literally hundreds of thousands of people every day – across social media, channel partners and the real time market. Sheer volume makes customer relationship management critical to their business model.

And that’s where artificial intelligence can step in. AI powered Virtual Assistant and intelligent systems can be always on connection to their customers. Should a customer’s flight be delayed, there can be process in place that connect with said customer, keeping them updated on schedules, and referring them to new information as it happens on real time basis with personalized notifications. AI powered Virtual Assistant can respond to customer queries, regardless of what time it is and also learn customer conversational behavior to even serve better next time. This can only have a positive impact on the overall brand momentum and recognition.

Some of the key benefits of AI powered Virtual Assistant are:

  • Reducing the workload & providing self-service option

  • Increasing the speed of response to customers by managing some or all of the interaction

  • Expanding self-service to new channels such as mobile apps & social media platforms

  • Assisting in training as well as monitor efficiency

  • Generating new revenue streams through improved customer mapping, conversion and satisfaction

  • Collecting, analyzing & learning through customer data, decision and behaviour

  • Collecting and analyzing data on customer concerns and queries which could serve as a basis for proactive customer service.

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